Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tax Tips to Simplify Your Life

I have published over 50 articles this year, most of them on taxes. Blogs are suited for shorter nuggets of informations while an article dives deeper into the subject. Below are links to what I consider the best articles.

Starting and Building a Career in Tax Preparation/Accounting

An enrolled agent is a tax professional that can represent his client's before the IRS. Becoming an enrolled agent is hard work. Effective study skills are needed to pass the three part exam the first time. About a third do. I passed the first time and will share how I did it. Back when I took the exam (1992) it was four parts and there were no do-overs.

Enrolled Agent Training Made Easy

Best Enrolled Agent Software

Enrolled agents and CPAs are required to take a minimum level of continuing education (CE). This is a major expense that must be repeated each year. CE credits should increase the tax professional's skills and at a reasonable cost.

Online CPE Courses for CPAs

Cheap CPE for EAs

CPE Credits That Pay You

The CPE Credit: An Unsung Hero

Tax Help

There are so many ways to get in trouble with taxes. The rules continually change and the IRS audits tax returns daily. How can the average person manage the demands of 80,000 pages of tax code? Below is help for common tax problems.

Passive Activity Rules

The IRS Installment Agreement

How to Pay Back Taxes Owed

The IRS Audit Process and Procedures: A Survival Guide

Material Participation Rules and Passive Activities

The Real Estate Professional and the IRS

Winning IRS Appeals

5 Best Wisconsin Tax Attorneys Ranked

Choosing the Best Wisconsin Tax Attorney

How to Pay Taxes

5 Questions to Ask Your Tax Preparer

Filing YourTax Return With a Missing or Incorrect K-1

Easy Fix for Missing or Incorrect W-2s

Small Business and Bonus Depreciation

Roth Conversion Issues

The Non-Standard Standard Deduction

The Tax Deductible Roth IRA

There is enough reading listed here to keep you busy. Bookmark this page and refer back to articles when the need arises.

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