Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brett Favre is the Ultimate Packer Fan

There is no longer a doubt; Brett Favre is still on the Green Bay Packers' payroll. It was sneaky, but what better way could Favre serve his loyal fans in Wisconsin. To make it look legit, Favre takes off for the Jets and when things go too well he has a minor injury that cuts performance. Favre and the coach both end their tenure in New York.

This opens the opportunity, the real reason Favre left Green Bay, to join the Minnesota Vikings. Favre builds up all the hopes and dreams of the folks on his new team only to rip out their soul with a last second interception. No Super Bowl for the purple guys.

Now Brett Favre has cut the soul out of Green Bay's toughest adversary, the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings moral is gone, the team is demoralized, and the coach will be unemployed at season's end. The Vikings had a great team, they just needed a quarterback. Favre's efforts should keep Minnesota a minor opponent for several years.

Thanks, Brett. We knew we could count on you. Your heart is green.

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