Friday, December 17, 2010

Wisconsin Jobs

Shhhhh! Here that sound? Do you know what it is? It is the sound of Wisconsin jobs getting sucked out of Wisconsin and ending up in Florida and Ohio.

Wisconsin has fared well in this recession compared to the rest of the United States but may do much worse in the ensuing economic expansion. Here is why.

Former Governor Thompson (R) wanted high-speed rail in Wisconsin and started the process to make it reality. Later, Governor Doyle (D) liked the idea and continued efforts to bring high-speed rail to Wisconsin. Since the Democrats decided they like the idea, the Republicans changed their mind; they no longer like the idea.

Governor Walker (R) has sent back the $810 million Washington gave to Wisconsin for high-speed rail. Instead, Walker wants to spend $1 billion of Wisconsin taxpayer's money turning a four-lane highway into a six-lane highway between Madison and the Illinois border. Wisconsin is a high tax state and it is about to get higher.

There are pitfalls to slapping Congress in the face for sending you money. Congress needs to cuts spending and you just volunteered. As a result, Congress just dropped a bill that contained a $5 BILLION contract for Marinette Marine. The contract could still be awarded in another bill later, but for now, the funding and Wisconsin jobs, are on hold.

I hate to say it because I love Wisconsin and the people here, but if you need a job, check out Florida or Ohio. The taxes are lower there and they have job creation right now, courtesy of the federal taxes you paid.

I bet the folks in Florida and Ohio don't even send us a Christmas card.

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