Friday, January 28, 2011

The Power of Momentum

Everyone has experienced the moments when things go right. It starts with something small going your way and continuing with repeated successes. The older we get the more we recognize the pattern. We fear the reverse when all goes wrong and work to prolong the moments that go right.

It is important to recognize any success as the possible beginning of a long period of wins. Deep inside we know that the wins are coincidence. We also know we personally have a lot to do with the series of positive outcomes. Once we recognize a win we kick in the after-burners and attempt to leverage our perceived advantage.

Then the inevitable happens. The string is broken. A setback slams us back into our seat. These moments allow us to reflect and learn. The sooner we jump out of the chair and start another string of wins the better.

Too many people allow a bad event to freeze them like a deer in the headlights. Taxes have the ability to destroy a lifetime with inaction. FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) keeps some folks locked in their own secluded world. Do not become a victim of your own FEAR.

Gather all your tax materials together. Take them to the accountant or assemble for self-preparation. Begin a new wave of momentum. Big things going your way are like a tidal wave of positive momentum.

The earlier you start your tax preparation, the sooner you have solid numbers to work with. Then your can tackle the issues and get on with life. Life is too short to waste months fretting about a potential tax bill. Get it done. Deal with the outcome. Then go and enjoy life.

Momentum, my friends. Momentum.

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