Friday, May 27, 2011

Sprint Rip-Off Report

On the advice of another, I switched my cell phone to Sprint. Great customer service was the main reason for the switch with better prices a close second. Let me explain how it worked out.

First, the service sucked. Call quality is poor on good days and worse the rest of the time. When I called Sprint customer service they told me if I didn't like the service I could switch back to where I came from. I live in a rural area where Internet is hard to get. I use the cell phone as my Internet portal for modest speed. Sprint says they provide unlimited Internet without throttling. Two point here:
  1. Sprint can't throttle you back when they are so slow to start with. On multiple speed tests they run at only a third of what they promise. Dial up is only an inch away.
  2. Unlimited access means little when it is near impossible to download at any reasonable speed. How much can you download in a month at .08 Mbps?
If all this were not bad enough, Sprint now adds a $10 per month mandatory charge called the "Premium Data add-on Charge." This is pure rip-off. I was never informed of the Premium Data Add-on Charge when I switched. Since I did not see the charge until the first bill a cancellation fee will apply if I switch back now. Considering the quality, the $10 is 100% rip-off. Consider it $120 wasted every year. It does make the cancellation fee look cheap compared.

The Premium Date Add-on Charge is mandatory on all new accounts with smart phones with 3G/4G capabilities. Most areas do not get 4G. My Sprint 3G works less than half the time, including when I am at work in town. Current customers will get hosed with this rip-off fee when they upgrade their phone. I recommend you upgrade to a real telecommunications company instead.

Save yourself the high blood pressure and aggravation. Avoid Sprint.

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