Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

I see more jobs than any time in my career. Fully half of all my business clients are hiring or have hired in the last few months. Tax Prep & Accounting Services hired three bookkeepers this summer, more tax preparers for tax season, and one or two more will be added this week to handle the phones and front desk duties. Either the national statistics are wrong, will soon reflect the growing economy, or my clients are the only ones experiencing economic expansion.

The only real explanation is the economy is finally gaining traction. Once the wheels start turning, the rust can get ground off, and America can be back in the saddle again.

It has been a long economic pullback. Even though the government says we are in a mild expansion for a few years now, it never felt like it was. Certain statistics tell me we are due for better days ahead. The average car on the road in nearly 10 years old, the oldest fleet on record. Households have reduced debt for several years. With lower debt and an old auto fleet, vehicle sales should continue to grow with all the jobs it requires. As old, worn out things need updating, either repair or remodeling is required or a new purchase.

I feel good for my clients. I feel good for their new employees. As people get jobs they can update old cars, furniture, or buy a home. The economy always works best when people feel good about themselves. We took a serious body blow in 2007 and 2008. When sentiment is crushed that hard it takes time to get back up and running again.

I hope we are all running again real soon.