Thursday, January 14, 2010

W-2 Season

We are preparing W-2s at a ferious rate with all the complementary side forms: W-3, 941, 940, WT-6, WT-7, UCT-101, ST-12, and on and on. Jeff is looking a little frazzled, but is about half done.

I started preparing my first tax return of the season yesterday. Take a deep breath... breathe. (Me, not you. I have to pace myself. I know what is about to hit.)

Wisconsin requires all employment forms and sales tax to be electronically now. If they get their "My Tax Account" online software to work I should have time for a cat nap each evening.

I will continue to write blog posts during tax season, but they may be short on the busy days. I'll try to give you an inside view of a tax office during crunh time with tax saving ideas when they come up. Excuse my spelling and grammer. I will write and click and return to tax returns. Wish me luck.

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