Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why I Fire Clients

Over the years I have become more particular about who I take on as a client. Because of my choosy nature I rarely need to tell a client I can no longer serve as their accountant. That said I fired a client last week. In my defense, the client was long-term and from my pre-picky days.

What causes me to fire a client? Foul language, verbal abuse, and non-payment for services rendered top the list. The recent firing came about because she wanted a staff member to perform services without charge. She then made a scene at the office and also used her home and cell phone to call rapid fire. Very childish behavior in my opinion. At this point there was nothing she could say to remain a client.

She returned to pick up her papers the same afternoon and requested she be taken off the mailing list which I informed her was already done. Then she used foul language and refused to leave until I demanded she do so 4-5 times.

I bring this issue up because it highlights several issues. Any tax/accounting professional worth their salt will not work with people that disrupt the office, risking other clients due to the disruptions. The most important point is attitude. Blowing up at the tax office will never help you. The issue she had was minor and quickly remedied. If she would have asked politely, there is a good chance I would have done the work pro bono. Once she tossed an attitude, a discount of any sort was out.

Remember, no one wants to work without pay. And who wants to eat crow without pay? Some clients are not worth it, so they are fired. A smile goes a long way.

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