Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Frugal Weight Loss

America is the most overweight society in the history of the human race. Even the military has a hard time finding enough personnel in good physical condition.  Americans also spend more on diets than anyone: diet programs and diet foods. Sugar and fat are removed from every item on the grocery store shelves and we are still fat.

Overpriced TV dinners hawked endlessly by washed up football players and other celebrities from the past are not the answer. For most people the answer is not in what we eat, but in how we live. The diet advice is endless.

This blog post is not a substitute for medical advice. Your doctor can help develop a safe and effective diet program. Your personal health must be considered when building a weight loss program and your doctor is the starting point.

First, get a skinny doctor. If your doctor does not believe in good health it is unlikely he can provide an effective and lasting weight loss program. Second, I think most people will be told by their doctor to exercise more. This is the hard part. Eating certain foods in certain quantities is hard, but exercise? Are you serious? You mean, like walking, running, and that kind of stuff?  Do not cuss out your doctor just because he says you need to move a little. I will show you how to get free exercise without any effort and there is no fee. Heard that one before, haven't you?

The real problem for most folks is daily physical activity. As a frugal accountant (friendly, too) I don't like the idea of coughing up a thousand dollar hairball every year for a gym membership. Without any cost you can get your walking and weight training in without a gym. The swimming and steam room might require a membership, but that is a different matter.

A brisk walk is about the most perfect exercise there is. Here is an easy way to get your brisk walk in: park as far away as possible when shopping. No more jockeying for the closest parking stall, you now park waaaay over there at the other end of the parking lot.

Now for some weight conditioning. Carry your purchases. No cart. If you buy too much stuff, take several trips. The more you buy the more exercise you get. With the extra grand in cash savings from the gym membership you can shop more. (The frugal accountant recommends you save the money.)

Look how easy it is to save money and lose weight. Life is more enjoyable when you can get around. Studies show that a proper diet and exercise lowers risk of several diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Shedding excess pounds also reduces stress on your bones and joints.

Look for creative ways to walk and carry more. It all adds up. Calories burn off when you walk and muscles tone when worked.

Here is to the good life.

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