Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why the Post Office is Broke

The call is out: The U.S. Post Office is running at a deficit. The red ink is piling up at a rapid pace so it is time to raise postage rates to cover the shortfall. You would think under the current environment the Post Office would grasp at any stream of additional revenue. The Internet and electronic bill pay has reduced mail volumes with only one notable growth area: Netflix. Even with streaming, Netflix still provides a steady and massive volume of mail.

A few days ago I put a Netflix movie in my mailbox and raised the flag. When I returned home that evening the movie was still there and the flag still up. I called the post office to complain and was informed that if I have no inbound mail the mail carrier is not required to pickup outbound mail.

And now you know why the Post Office is broke. They drive past easy business.

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