Thursday, December 3, 2009


Life is easier today with computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, cable TV, etc. Rarely do we think about life without our technological tools, even though many have been around for less than a generation.

If a storm knocks out the electricity we become acutely aware of technology, or lack thereof. Still, with the current out, our cells phones and laptops work until the battery runs down.

When technology is at its best, life is easier, more fulfilling, and pleasant; we can get more work done in less time; we can enjoy entertainment in ways unimagined only a few years ago.

But what happens when technology fails? This became painfully clear to me over the past week. I planned on upgrading QuickBooks in my office over Thanksgiving and the stress followed fast.

I figured by starting over the holiday, I could resolve issues before the next work week. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, let me show you how bad things can get.

First, I ordered QuickBooks Accountant 2010 online and downloaded the program onto each computer. Things went smooth. My office is on a server. It seems QuickBooks 2010 requires Microsoft Framework 3.5 and other update files. My server didn’t update to Framework 3.5. The C drive isn’t large enough for all the added files. My computer guy had to work half the night finding enough room to get the job done. Three days later, I finally got QuickBooks to work on the server.

Technology can save time, but it also can waste so much more time, and I’m not even talking about games and wasted time surfing the web. A tax office today cannot serve their clients without technology. I’m just scared. Soon, I’ll need to install the 2009 tax software. I hope is runs smooth.

Wish me luck.

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