Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best New Year's Resolutions Ever

It is time to make the obligatory New Year’s resolutions. The old, worn-out routine is out. No lose weight, stop smoking, drinking, ad nauseam. This year I have a better list; one I have a chance at keeping. Are you ready? Here we go.

• Smile more.
• Greet everyone with gratitude and a heart of service.
• Listen first, talk second.
• Try to understand from their point of view.
• Work hard when in the office so I can spend more quality time with family when at home.
• Stop and smell the roses, watch the birds, enjoy a green field of grass.
• Hope.
• Hug my kids more than ever.
• Hug my wife as much as ever.
• Tell my parents, “I love you” and “Thank you.”
• Spend quiet time each day.
• Appreciate what I have.
• Look for opportunities to serve.

Pretty good list, isn’t it? Now it is your turn. Tell me what you resolve to do this New Year.

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