Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making a Difference

I am a tax preparer. I prepare taxes and have for 27 years, 21 of those years full-time. My ego tells me I am pretty good at it and getting better. My rational mind asks, "Is this all there is? Is there nothing more?"

I answer myself, "Of course there is more. A lot more."

I believe it. I know of at least two clients that kept their home because of my advice since the beginning of the year. Several clients found jobs because of my efforts. At least 100 smiled and had a better day.

"So I am more than just a tax preparer?" I ask myself.

"Yes you are. So very much more. You make people's lives better, happier, safer, more comfortable. They count on you to anchor parts of their life. You are their friend."

I know it.

Lunch is two hours late for me today. My sandwich is getting dry. I lean back in my chair and chew the bread, close my eyes, and see the world I have become.

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