Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Worth Killing for Either

A bit ago I talked about keeping your cool in the tax office. No matter how bad things first appear, never threaten suicide when on the phone with the IRS. Don’t threaten suicide to your tax preparer either. Things will only get worse if you do.

The only thing worse than threatening suicide, is flying your airplane into an IRS building, as an idiot did earlier this week. Killing people while ending your life is really bad. Just because you want to check out does not give you the right to kill innocent men, women, and children.

Tax issues do not always resolve fast or on your preferred time schedule. Persistence goes a long way. When a client demands instant results I usually refer them to a tax attorney while working the best angles for resolution. The attorney can file a tax court petition while I do my job. Costs for the client go way up. But there is no other recourse when instant gratification is demanded. The process is not speeded up; only costs rise.

I recommend patience in all cases. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. There are no guarantees. Taxes are not fair. You still need to work within the framework of the Internal Revenue Code. No suicide or killing IRS personnel. That makes you 100% wrong every single time.

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