Thursday, October 1, 2009

Balancing the Budget

The federal government is spilling red ink to the tune of $1.5+ trillion over the past year. A large part of this is waste. I have a solution to sop up some of the red stuff taxpayers will need to pay for eventually.

Accountants use the Power of Attorney to open communication with Revenue for specific clients. Once the POA is signed and filed, the IRS sends every document to the taxpayer and accountant. When the job is done, we disengage the POA and Revenue should stop sending duplicates to us.

But they don’t. Several days a month the mail doesn’t fit in the mailbox. A thousand letters per month or more from taxpayers no longer clients, grace our shredder. Revenue could save millions in postage and paper costs by honoring our request to withdraw from the POA. Think of all the trees saved. The only loser is the post office.

And I pray they never decide to send it all email. If they do, they will be sent to the spam folder automatically.

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