Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WRWA Conference In Pictures

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the Wisconsin Regional Writers' Association's fall conference in pictures.

WRWA's Youth Member Services Coordinator, Cassie Hansen, and Board of Director (BOD), "Boone", conduct serious WRWA business.

The future of the industry.

Note to Barbara Poelle: Expect queries from these folks any day now.

Books on tape are expensive so we had LaMoine McLaughlin read his poetry for us.

If I only understood poetry.

Hellooooo ladies.

I wish I had names.

If names are left in the comments sections, I'll update the post.

Barbara Poelle, agent extraordinaire at the
Irene Goodman Literary Agency, spreads the gospel.

Amen, Sister Poelle!

What? A pop quiz? I'm outta here.

<---- is thinking "These Wisconsin people are so dear. I could just pack them up and take'em home with me.

Our Youth Member Services Coordinator is now running the show.

Jean Feraca shares her wisdom and compassion.

Never point the camera at the floor while your finger is on the button.

Nice shoes.

Boyd Sutton, WRWA's secretary, is snuggled in between two lovely ladies. Mrs. King is to the right. Please provide full names and I'll update.

James Boone? I hope I have the name right. WRWA BOD.

Dave Rank, WRWA BOD. "You wanna take a poke at me? Go ahead, make my day."

WRWA treasurer. Ohhhh, what a fine looking specimen he is. Looks familiar in a weird sort of way. I think I saw the guy in the mirror this morning.

Did he have more hair last week?

Outgoing WRWA president, Robin Butler. He looks serious, but I've heard him read his material. He ain't that serious.

Thanks for your years of dedicated service. I think I speak for everyone in the organization when I say, we look forward to your guidance in the future.

All right class, face the front, hands on the table, and give us your complete attention.

It was a remarkable conference. See y'all at the spring conference.

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