Monday, October 5, 2009

Brett Farve Can't Win

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings square off this evening. Brett Favre has his opportunity to show the world he still has the right stuff. But can Favre win?

There is no doubt the Minnesota Vikings can win the game on the score board; the story for Favre is different. If the Vikings blow the Packers away, the fans will cheer in Minneapolis. And everyone will say, “That is what he is expected to do.” If the Vikings lose, or if the game is close (anything short of a blowout), fans on the west edge of the Mississippi will say, “Brett still thinks he’s playing in Green Bay.” Or, “The ‘ol boy is too old to play.” And angry fans may say, “Go back to the bayou, boy.”

Brett Favre can’t win. His best outcome is to avoid embarrassment. He will put on a show at the Metrodome, if anybody cares anymore.

I pity Brett. His best years are behind him and he wants to hold onto his youth at any cost. Too many of us do the same. There is a lesson in this for everyone. Brett Favre used to do things with style; now he just does things. There is an honorable statesmanship in maturity. May we all learn the lesson before we suffer a career ending injury. I will cheer the Packers on and pray Brett steps off the field with his head held high, uninjured.

Brett, you can still be part of the game even if your hands aren’t tucked into the center’s crotch. Man, I hope I learn that lesson well myself.

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