Sunday, November 15, 2009


My day started at 4:30 this morning and I am tired. As a result, this post will be short.

Friday night I surprised the girls. I offered to take them to Funset Boulevard for pizza, games, and a movie. They were allowed to bring a friend. They chose a neighbor girl.

The girls had a lot of fun. Brooke ran wild from game to game. I was exhausted just following her. Sue needed paddles after an hour.

The girls decided to watch 2012. It has been years since I watched a movie in a theater. 2012 disappointed. The science was all wrong; nearly everything that happened stretched the imagination to the breaking point. The movie lacked plot and leaned on special effects and apocalyptic imagery completely.

Here is an example of the stupidity in 2012. A wealthy Russian needs to get from Las Vegas to a rescue ark in China. They need to stop in Hawaii to refuel. Of course, Hawaii is a mound of molten lava. They continue, acknowledging they will run out of fuel over the South China Sea. While enroute to China, the Earth's crust shifted over 1,500 miles and in the perfect direction to get them to within a mile or so of their destination. As crazy as this sounds, the Earth's crust shifting 1,500 miles in a matter of hours is only one in a litany of errors that beg the watcher to turn off the brain and accept any idiocy they dish out.

I enjoy a good movie and I love special effects, but give me a real story. Stretch the rules to make a better story if you must. But, please, please, don't expect me to be a complete idiot. I know more about science than the average person. Regardless, I think any layman will find 2012 too much to accept. I dislike movies that assume only idiots will watch. It will be a long time before I lay down hard earned dollars on such drivel again.

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