Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Clients

New clients always get me excited. I get the largest tax reductions when a client comes in the first time. Below is a list of some things I need to see on your first visit (for businesses):
  • Previous two years tax returns.
  • Do you work out of your home? Have a shop? Office?
  • Are you a sole prop, partnership, corporation, LLC?
  • Future plans for business.

There are so many ways to reduce taxes for business. Individuals can save, too, but it is more difficult.

I set a goal to bring in 100 new business clients by the end of 2010. I have 6 since setting the goal. It isn’t hard or unusual to save $3000 - $5000 for a new business client. If I use the low end number, my new business clients will save $300,000 in taxes over the first year. Not bad.

Regular clients can save, as well. I send out letters each year inviting clients to review their tax situation. A handful of individuals and a quarter of my businesses take me up on the offer. That is too bad, since only those that take my offer reap the benefits.

Here is the offer I make my clients: I’ll charge $100 for the consultation. It will take 1-2 hours. If I can’t save you money, the consult is on me. If you don’t like my ideas, the consult is on me. The cost is low to start and if you feel you gained nothing, you owe me nothing. I think that is fair.

New client get their first consult free regardless. I need to know my client before I invoice for services. What do you think of my on-going offer?

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