Monday, November 2, 2009

More Censorship Stupidity

It seems that certain areas of college football don’t understand proper behavior. I’m talking about fines levied against players and coaches for disagreeing with referees.

Can you imagine people in authority demanding that all comments must be nice and agreeable under threat of sanction? Politicians would love this, so would business leaders (think Enron). Our world would be such a nice place if we held no one responsible for their actions. Wouldn’t we?

Our founding fathers felt it important to include freedom of speech in our highest law, the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. We should be teaching these kinds of things in our higher education institutions. Instead, we see a group of people that think they are above reproach. It never ends well. Once a group of people is able to work without criticism, failure is sure to follow. Others will want the same opportunity to work without responsibility.

There is only one reason for such a rule to be instituted by college football: they know they are wrong, they don’t want to change their wrong behavior, so they threaten those that would call them out and hold them accountable. If any referee has any honor at all, he would scream out against such a stupid rule.

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