Friday, September 18, 2009


I've seen some interesting news articles this week that the masses should read. We already know unemployment is killing us, but China is growing double digits again and employers are having a difficult time finding help. And if you are looking for more depressing economic news, retailers don't need you either for the holiday season.

It seems China is spending 40% of its stimulus money on renewable energy, an investment that keeps on giving, compared to 12% for the U.S. There are ways we can encourage the rest of the world to save the planet. Okay, that was unfair. Makes you think, though, doesn't it? Good thing we don't spend 40% of our stimulus money on renewable energy. If we did, then we would have to deal with all those pesky high-paying jobs. And what about our friends in the middle east that need our cash? If we use less oil and spent our money here, who will do all the work? Com'on. Giv'me a break. Who needs a job. Just as long as you don't put a windmill or solar panel in my back yard. Let somebody else deal with oil rigs in their back yard.

At least we will never run out of oil. While the world's largest wind farm goes online in Denmark, we waste as much as we can and are proud of it. It's only money. The government can always print more.

When we get serious about energy efficiency will anyone believe us? At this point, we need to put our money where our mouth is. They need to see to believe.

Think about this the next time you hop in your SUV. China has an economy growing over 14% with plenty of employment opportunities. They are making serious investments in their future and have huge savings available to fund said investments. We are mired under a massive pile of debt and struggle to fund our future. And we love to drive our gas hogs aggressively and waste money anyway we can. The clock is ticking, boys and girls; the clock is ticking.

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