Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Lawyer Said

I must be too small town or something. While working with a client and our attorneys, I was reminded that I owe my client absolutely nothing. I disagree.

According to this lawyer, I owe my client nothing legally. But what about ethics. I work my tail off defending clients from overpaying their taxes. When an auditor disallows something, I step to the plate and give it my all, to get it back. Most of the time I win, sometimes not. But I never felt as much apathy as the attorney elicited toward a client. Clients hire me to do a job. It is unfair to collect a fee and fail to perform a service.

I would like some feedback. How much does a professional service provider owe a client?

Note: I review all comments before they post. If you want your comment withheld, say so. Anything that is out of place I'll screen. When commenting, consider the services provided by doctors, dentists, accountants/tax preparers, lawyers, plumbers, etc.

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