Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tough Decisions

In business, as well as life, character is determined by the hard decisions. Anyone can make the easy calls; a leader makes the difficult ones without complaint.

This morning I worked with a business client on firing customers. It is the hardest decision you can make, but necessary if you are to survive. Customers that don't pay or pay too slow, waste your time, interrupt your business, or are rude, need to go. Your business cannot exist with many clients like these.

After speaking with my client I realized the advice I gave applies to everyday life, too. Friends and acquaintances can suck the life from you by their actions, inactions, and attitudes. It is important to build a team around yourself that supports and respects your position in life.

Live life well is a mantra to embrace. If you are taken advantage of, whether at work, in your business, by family or friends, it is time to step back, and if change doesn't take place, away. Nothing is more difficult. Nothing. And no other action will enrich your life more. There are a lot of great people in the world. Don't waste time on the leaches.

Live life with purpose, live life well, and be a good customer, client, friend, dad, mom, son, daughter, person.

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