Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In a previous post I outlined the energy tax credits available. Today, I want share the best way to spend your hard-earned money, regardless of tax credits.

Insulating your home will save more money than any other energy-saving effort for the majority of people. The kind of insulation used will determine the savings.

Most people use fiberglass insulation. What is forgotten is that fiberglass becomes a filter (think furnace) if there is air flow. Most homes have air flow through the walls and where the foundation meets the frame.

Closed bubble insulating foam costs more, but seals and insulates. By sealing the envelope of the home, warm air stays inside. A sealed and insulated home with closed bubble foam insulation can remain warm in the dead of winter for days without the furnace running. This assumes a complete sealing job with adequate R-value.

Few homes need to worry about too much insulation. If the home is sealed too tight, a heat-exchanger is needed to keep the air inside fresh. Foam insulation requires a contractor unless you are comfortable and familiar with the product.

Keep warm this winter with closed bubble foam insulation and get a tax credit to boot. I can feel the cozy already.

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