Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Reading

Since we are enjoying the last leg of summer, I want to share what I've been reading. Feel free to cap your summer with any of these good books.

  • The Genesis Secret by: Tom Knox--Good debut novel heavy in the vulgar. Some scenes are very graphic. Not for the kids.

  • The Sinner by: Tess Gerritsen--Sue convinced me to check Gerritsen's work out. Well written and enjoyable medical crime novel.

  • Body Double by: Tess Gerritsen--See above.

  • Angels & Demons by: Dan Brown--Not as good as The Da Vince Code. Still, okay.

  • Just After Sunset by: Stephen King--Nice short story collection. The Gingerbread Girl, N, A Very Tight Place are notable.

  • Divided In Death by: J.D. Robb--A light sci-fi romance, what can I say, I have varied tastes.

  • Max by: James Patterson--Didn't like it. More for the kids; they should enjoy it.

  • Old Man's War by: John Scalzi--Excellent sci-fi.

  • The White Plague by: Frank Herbert--This has been on my shelf forever and I finally broke down and read it. I was a fool for waiting. If you can find a copy, worth your time.

  • Doomsday Book by: Connie Willis--This title won the Hugo many years ago. I liked it.

  • Gridlinked by: Neal Asher--This book has me on the fence. I enjoyed it and will read sequels, but...

  • Duma Key by: Stephen King--What can I say, the guy can tell a tale.

  • Blaze by: Stephen King--One of his trunk novels never published from before Carrie.

  • Singularity Sky by: Charles Stross--Very nice and I don't know why. I just loved the book.

  • Bendigo Shafter by: Louis L'Amour--Has he written a bad book? No.

I also started reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series: The Gunslinger and Drawing of the Three. These books have a different flavor than traditional King novels.

I started reading Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu this morning, a Wisconsin writer, and a darn good one at that. Paranormal romance, if genre matters.

Yes, I read all these books this summer. No, I don't watch much TV. Did I miss anything?

Feel free to add to the list by commenting.

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