Sunday, August 9, 2009

When a Deal is not a Deal

I went to Subway Sunday and used a coupon from the Entertainment Book, the one kids sell to raise money for school. When the order was rung up, it was way too high. I complained and was told the coupon actually made the cost higher. What a rip-off.

Kids sell the Entertainment Book so they can get money needed for class trips, supplies for sports, etc., and Subway creates a coupon that rips the costumer off. I would be better off handing twenty dollars to the kids and forget Subway.

This brings up a good point in personal finance. Coupons are not always the best deal. Many times a coupon is created to convince consumers to overpay for a product or service. If a company wants us to use their product, a coupon is a nice incentive. But, do they really think we don't notice if the coupon is really a rip-off?

Always check the real value of a coupon. Many times a product can be had cheaper without the coupon. And if the company is running a rip-off, spend your money elsewhere. As for me, I'll chose any other restaurant if there is a choice. Subway is off my list. I can see why Subway advertises weight loss in their ads. It all comes off the wallet.

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