Monday, August 3, 2009

The Busy Month

August used to be a busy month at the tax office until they changed the date extensions are due to October, the new busy month. Even still, for the first business day of August, I had no lunch break. People kept coming in the door and the phone kept ringing until I ran errands.

Jeff filed two tax returns today and has two appointments tomorrow for filing.

Why do I wax on about this? Because I am tied and look forward to a few days off. I plan on stepping out a few days over the next two weeks to catch up. I also want to impress upon you that it is okay to file your taxes before your extension runs out. You see, around October 10th, twenty or so people will be very angry at me because I can't finish their return prior to their extension expiring. Of course, they are mad everyone else procrastinated like they did and now they will suffer the consequences in the form of IRS penalties.

Don't blame your accountant if you wait till the last minute. Let me serve you by giving me the time to explore every tax saving angle possible. I am not the fast food of tax preparation and you should expect more than fast food quality. I love my work, and love it most when I get the best deal for you.

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