Monday, August 31, 2009

Motivation Zig Ziglar Style

If you know Zig Ziglar, you know what I mean when I say motivation. Zig is a powerful speaker with a moving message. Whenever I get a little down, things go wrong, or just need a kick in the pants to get the job done, I pop in a Zig tape from off the shelf.

Everyone gets down once in a while. Many times life hands us the proverbial lemon and we don't want to make lemonade; we want to wallow in our self-pity instead. Of course this all feeds back on itself, grows, and is counter-productive to our needs.

Many years ago I had an employee I hired straight from college. She had the skills and qualifications to be great in the profession. Instead, she chose to stagnate. I require my employees to take continuing education each year at my expense. I play educational and motivational tapes in my office from time to time. Said employee refused to take continuing education or motivation classes, saying "That is all brainwashing."

It isn't brainwashing, it's called education, learning, and building integrity and character. The end result came as no surprise. By not following up on current tax law changes and building skills to serve clients, she was no longer an asset to clients and was let go.

It bothers me that a promising young career ended so fast over something so foolish. When I get down or want a pick-me-up, I pop in a Zig tape. I study taxes daily to maintain and improve my skills. Life is tough enough, why make it worse. Walking life alone is an empty existence; holding hands as a team and growing together is the greatest feeling in the world.

If you feel a little down, as I did lately, find something that picks you up. And by all means, do not walk the mile alone. We are all on this trip together. And what a fantastic voyage it is, filled with wonder and awe.

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