Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, what does an accountant do on vacation? We should drink large quantities of distilled spirits, but a few, me included, don't.

The perfect vacation for me is quiet time with family. I also like time for a good book. This week I'm on vacation and spent the entire day at the office Monday. I promise to stay away the rest of the week. I'll let you know how it turns out.

The girls are camping with my parents. Sue and I are enjoying the rare quiet time together in productive ways. It is so nice to talk without weighing words. Little ears like to listen in or spy. We are visiting them Wednesday.

I don't need to travel far, or at all, to enjoy time off. I hate traveling. Home is where I like to spend free time: working around the pond, feeding the steer, chickens, and fish. There is so much to do around the place.

I'm terrible at taking vacations. I promise to take time off and then keep right on working. Since that is unhealthy, I really am taking time off this week. Honest. Yes, I am writing this from home. Yes, I logged into the office (only once) to check my e-mail. But I did read for several hours today, worked on my novel (yes, I like to write if you haven't noticed yet), pestered my animals, checked out the fruit trees, and have a nice long walk planned with Sue this evening. If I get good at taking vacations, I may never go back. Fat chance at that.

No blog post tomorrow. Like I said, visiting the girls at the campground. Wonder what they have planned for dad?

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