Friday, July 24, 2009

Cut Your Gas Bill 30% Without Giving Anything Up

With the new energy credits in the tax code, it makes sense to take advantage of low hanging fruit. This subject will require several posts and I will add the the subject on a regular basis.

Today, I want to grab the lowest of all hanging fruit, gasoline consumption. What I propose below costs you nothing and there isn't a tax credit for it. You can cut your fuel costs by 30% or more by following the habits outlined below.

* Keep your tires properly inflated.
* Do not neglect regular maintenance.
* Coast into stops.
* Accelerate modestly.
* Drive the speed limit.
* When replacing tires, buy low rolling resistance tries.
* Use synthetic oil.
* Use air conditioner sparingly.
* Do not accelerate up hills unless no other choice is available.

If you are real serious, use a ScanGuage II to get real-time feedback on efficiency. Following common sense and the law can be a real benefit personally in savings and to our society by using less imported energy.

I should not have to print this blog, but I get blown off the road every day and know how much gas is being thrown away braking and from aggressive driving.

My Honda Accord has over 100,000 miles on it and gets nearly 40 mpg. This, from a non-hybrid. Just think where energy prices would be if we all practiced better driving habits.

Check out for in-depth articles on improving your fuel efficiency. And a tax credit is not needed to get the advantage. In future posts, I will discus how to use the tax code to help pay for improving your home's energy efficiency.

Drive safe.

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