Monday, July 27, 2009

Work Flow

Work flow, or paper madness, drives accountants nuts. Sure, I have days where little new work comes in, usually in late November. Most days, a steady stream of work flows in the door, requiring immediate attention. At a later date I actually do the work.

Getting the work done is the hard part. After eight hours of phone calls, visiting with clients, and answering questions, I need to get the work done. All to often this requires working long into the night and weekends.

So why the blog post? I want you to understand how an accounting office works so we can serve you better. If Jeff or I are unavailable, we are not dissing you. Sometimes we close the door and get real work done. This serves you, too. For us to complete your work, we need time to do it. And every once in a while I like to see my wife and kids. I know that is selfish, but true.

Points to consider: 1.) Allow Jeff and I to give a reasonable completion date and let us work toward it, 2.) Provide us with requested materials as soon as possible, 3.) Have your papers in order. In other words: No shoebox filing cabinet.

If we are not able to meet a deadline, I promise to inform you as soon as I am aware it. Jeff and I share a common goal; to serve you as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. No one wants to over-pay taxes just so they can get in and out a day sooner.

This post is not a complaint either. I want you to understand work flow in my office so you don't feel forgotten on important tax and financial issues.

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