Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tax Office Humor

I talked with another professional in the tax industry today and he shared two stories that cracked me up.

Story 1.) Said tax professional hired a young accountant straight out of college. The newbie decided after three years on the job that improving her skills through continuing education classes is really brainwashing and that she will not participate in this sort of behavior. Of course, it was her last day working there.

Story 2.) Tax offices are always hungry for experienced tax preparers February to April. First day on the job, newbie is given a practice return to get familiar with the tax program. Every time the boss walks by the office, newbie is moving papers furiously on his desk. After three hours, the boss asks newbie what is taking so long. His response, "Where in the 'on' button on this thing?" He couldn't turn on the computer. For some reason, newbie never made four hours on the payroll.

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Soon you too could have your own funny tax office stories to tell.

Hope this brightened your day. I sure laughed when told these stories.

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