Monday, July 13, 2009


What a Monday. It is normal to face higher call volume on Mondays and today is no different.

I took work home over the weekend and finished a few projects. Too bad I left my brief case on the kitchen table. I'll print them up tomorrow.

My mail carrier decided she would like my mailbox set up differently. I like extra make-work projects.

I am happy with the work I did get done today. Monday can be a day that stakes up extra work and nothing getting finished. I finished two projects on my desk today. Give me a high five.

On a sad note: I learned Charles Brown died recently. He is the editor-in-chief at Locus magazine, a trade publication for the science fiction and fantasy field. I find a lot of good reading from Locus. I never met Mr. Brown, but I respect him immensely. SF&F lost a good friend.

I set up a Twitter account and need to decide if I want to utilize the tool. I want to use the social networking tools to build my practice and help clients touch base with me. The extra time required must be effective or out it goes.

Hope your Monday went well.

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